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Two story container house

Two story container house

We aspire to generate leaders in technology, delivering high-performance engineered solutions in building systems design: Two story container homes.

I like this arrangement a lot. It consists of two prefab houses with added stair case. It looks like it would make a very low cost fast to assemble home. It’s your best choice.

1. The size is 6.0m*3.0m*2.7m, or can be customized.
2. Floor live load:2.0 KN/sqm; roof live load:0.5 KN/sqm; wind load: 0.6 KN/sqm; seismic grade: 8 degree.
3. Steel structure: galvanized steel pipe, 2mm, Q235, Z50.
4. Roof panel: steel sheet+glasswool+steel sheet ,or other sandwich panels.
5. Floor: 15mm magnesium oxide board.
6. Wall: 50mm glasswool sandwich panels, 0.4/0.4mm.
7. Door: 950*2050mm, a steel door with locker and keys. Window: 950*1200mm, alloy aluminum frame window.
8. With LED light, sockets and switches. 

Design: Could be customized

The house can be installed in less than 1 day.We also provide further and detailed technical and on-site installation support for any problem you may encounter.

Over 15-year lifetime,seismic resistance to 8 degree, wind resistance to 11 degree. Prefabricated houses can be used as the office, accommodation, canteen, bathroom and other big open spaces, to meet the needs of construction site, fieldwork camp, social housing, disaster site and other commercial purposes. Flat-Pack is widely used around the world.
Roof,bottom frame, column and wall panels of the container house be flat-packed, thus minimizing the transportation volume, can be easily installed on site or be used for transitions transportation.
Assembled loading and transportation:

One 40ft HC load 2 sets assembled container house with dimension–5850mm*2250mm*2500mm.

Flat-pack transportation:

Plan A : one 20ft GP load 4 sets container houses with dimension–5850mm*2250mm*2640mm.

Plan B : one 40ft HC load 7 sets container house with dimension –6055mm*2435mm*2640mm.

The size of house you want

Commonly, area of house is 18 square meters. Length is 6 meters and width is 3 meters.
While it could be customized also. If you want to customized, plz show us your drawings for us to chek the feasibility.

What is the usage of the house

As accomodation, canteen, office or any other else.

Which insulation materials you want?

We make EPS, Rockwool, Fiberglass woll and PU sandwich panels as walls and roofs

Where is the destination port

Plz tell us your destination port, so that we could calculate exact freight charge for you.

How many set you want?

Big quantity will enjoy big discount

Foreign trade manager

Jessica Hsueh

Phone : +86 18309580598
Email : jessica@lncolorsteel.com