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Used as a gymnasium roof panel

Standing seam sheet

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Surface finish and elegant appearance
  • Plasticity is good ,and easy to process
  • Good conductivity

Standing seam roof is amongst the most durable and maintenance-free type of any metal roof and can last over 30 years. Standing seam roofing provides additional energy reduction benefits and can be installed easily, in many instances over the existing roofing material. The Standing Seam roofing panels can be designed with various radius roof profiles making it ideal for structures with several roof levels.

Used as a worker's accommodation

Prefabricated house

Folding container house consists of top structure,corner post and interchangeable wallboard,and uses modular design and production technology to make container into standardized components and assemble those components on site.This product takes the container as a basic unit,the structure uses special cold rolled galvanized steel.The house can be used independently or combined into spacious room and multi-story building through different combining in horizontal and vertical direction.

Used as steel structure concrete load-bearing panel

Steel truss deck

Prefabricated steel bar truss deck is a pre-manufactured product that welded the steel bar truss and the steel sheet into together, which is beneficial to the leakage proof capability. The efficiency of floor slab construction is greatly improved.


Used as commercial applications

Galvanized purlins

  • Using purlins can save 50% cost and 80% space
  • Purlins are easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Purlins can bear strong impact force
  • Purlins have long life spans, and the post-maintenance is easy

Purlins are an ideal product that give long spans between portal frames on your commercial building. Purlins are available in different sizes and material strengths to match the design computations of your building.

Used as external wall thermal insulation board

Sandwich panels

•Fast installation and ease of handling

•No thermal bridges and good thermal insulation properties

•Panels can be installed horizontally or vertically

•Reliable robust mechanical performance

•Outstanding non-combustible and acoustic performance

Used as steel structure roofing sheet

Color steel sheet

A metal roof is a roofing system made from metal pieces or tiles. It is a component of the building envelope. Interlocking roofing panel is kind of metal roof whose lock way is interlocking. It can help prevent leaking for no screws.