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PU sandwich panel

PU sandwich panel

The roof and wall PU sandwich panels are building component that is leakage and thermally insulated.They are designed for roof panel systems with great bearing capacity.They are preferred use for on high-end buildings .

More  Advantages 

♥The coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.023w/(m•k), which ensures better thermal insulation efficiency. In practice, this effectively keeps the building absorbing heat and brings enormous economic benefits.
♥Great flame retardation and the complete removal of cold bridges (during the rafter installation), do help reduce heating bills.
♥Pu sandwich panels are the most durable thermal insulating material in the construction industry. Under the normal maintenance, its service life is the same with buildings.
♥100% of the material is recyclable and the panels are friendly to the environment at the production and disposal stages.
♥Compared with traditional thermal insulation methods, We use less material while the installation process is less time-consuming and labor-demanding leading to lower building costs.  

The classification of polyurethane sandwich panel by application.
There are three application that the cold room panel, sandwich wall panel, polyurethane sandwich roof panel.

It can be used widely in areas such as ship-craft, food-stuffs, air-conditioning, factories, boiler rooms, floors, activity rooms, refrigeration houses, facility rooms, office-partitioning, indoor noise-absorption and so on.

Which kind of insulation you want?

Rock wool, Glass wool, EPS, Polyurethane foam

Height of the insulation you want?

50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm

The density or insulation want?

Could be customized from 80kg/m3 to 260kg/m3

Thickness and color of the both side steel sheet

Thickness should be 0.2mm to 0.8mm, the color could be customized according RAL

where will you apply the sandwich panels?

walls, roofs, partition, ceiling or any other side.

Where is the destination port?

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