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PU cold room panel

PU Cold Room Panel

PU Cold Room Panel used the high density polyurethane foam, the best quality steel sheet as surface. Great temperature-resistance make it has no deformation from -110° C to 120 ° C.
PU cold room panel advantages:
1. High load intensity, low water absorption, long service life, outstanding thermal insulation and great stability in low and high temperature.
2. Lightweight, non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly; Good supporting, heat resistance and sound insulation.
3. It can cement with steel plates, cements, fiberboards, bricks and many kinds of materials and normally would not fall off with great thermal insulation and waterproof properties.
4. The unique foaming craft enables the panel to have low thermal conductivity and good size stability. The panel is suitable for construction in low or high pressure.
5.High thermal stability: No obvious change of volume and intensity when the temperature is lower than 120° C;
   Low thermal conductivity: 63J (m. H. K) (15cal/m. H. K) when the density is 0.03kg/m3.
6. The installation is convenient and flexible with no need of large-scale lifting devices to shorten the construction period and lower the cost.
PU cold room specification:
1.Cold room refrigeration system:Compressor,Condenser,evaporator,Refrigerant.
Condensing unit: Can be customized.
2.Electric system: Electric components or others.
3.Cold room insulation panel:use 100%polyurethane insulation panel,density about 38~46 kg/m²,with gasket,with flame retardant,panel thickness : 50 mm~200 mm, standard width of panel is 1000 mm.

Which kind of insulation you want?

Rock wool, Glass wool, EPS, Polyurethane foam

Height of the insulation you want?

50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm

The density or insulation want?

Could be customized from 80kg/m3 to 260kg/m3

Thickness and color of the both side steel sheet

Thickness should be 0.2mm to 0.8mm, the color could be customized according RAL

where will you apply the sandwich panels?

walls, roofs, partition, ceiling or any other side.

Where is the destination port?

Foreign trade manager

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