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Product catagories

We manufacture the prefab house in workshop, and assemble in advance. Then it will be easily packed and shipped. The house could be customized according to customers’ requirements. 

Floor decking is designed to support weight when it is used as floors or roofs. We supply two types floor decking , fabricated steel bar truss floor deck and composite steel deck.

The purlin can bare weight from roofs and walls, it’s secondary-structure of steel structure. We supply purlins and girts including both C Section and Z section.

The sandwich panel’s main performance is insulated. It could keep the house in warm and dry when it is cold or rainy outside. It is widely used in kinds of builidings and houses.

Standing seam rooing sheet is named by its seam type that between adjacent sheets of metal roofing material made by turning up the edges of two adjacent panels and then folding or interlocking them in a variety of ways.

The corrugated steel sheet is widely used in our lifes. It is very common in industries and constructions. The panel could be currugated into different shapes according to the specific usage. Color, shape, raw material, thickness and length could be customized by custmers