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EPS sandwich wall panel

EPS sandwich roof panel

EPS sandwich panel vertical-hair-shaped EPS as inner side, colored steel sheets as outer side, after formed outer side, after formed by automatically machine, then adhered with super glue. It is good in fireproofing because colored steel sheet and EPS doesn’t flame. It is suitable to be used as insulated walls.

  • Fast installation and ease of handling

  • No thermal bridges and good thermal insulation properties

  • Panels can be installed horizontally or vertically

  • Reliable robust mechanical performance

  • Outstanding non-combustible and acoustic performance

Metal Thickness


Core Thickness


Rock wool density



Wall sandwich panel: 950mm,1150mm

Roof sandwich panel: 960mm,1050mm


according to client’s request

Production Line

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It can be used widely in areas such as ship-craft, food-stuffs, air-conditioning, factories, boiler rooms, floors, activity rooms, refrigeration houses, facility rooms, office-partitioning, indoor noise-absorption and so on.

Please give us your detailed requirement according belows

Solutions for you

Which kind of insulation you want?

Rock wool, Glass wool, EPS, Polyurethane foam

Height of the insulation you want?

50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm

The density or insulation want?

Could be customized from 80kg/m3 to 260kg/m3

Thickness and color of the both side steel sheet

Thickness should be 0.2mm to 0.8mm, the color could be customized according RAL

where will you apply the sandwich panels?

walls, roofs, partition, ceiling or any other side.

Where is the destination port?

Foreign trade manager

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