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Floor decking

To weld the steel truss and steel sheet makes the steel bar truss deck, which with the surface treatment of galvanization benefits to the performances of anti corrosion. And this product is with good bending performance.


TD3-90 steel bar truss deck is widely used for the floor and roof decking, and pour concrete on the above during construction forms a concrete reinforced truss deck with high strength.


TD4-100 steel bar truss floor decking can save construction procedures benefits to the costs and times, and it’s usually used for building floor construction.


TD5-120 steel bar truss decking is with 120mm height and 150mm concrete, and it’s applied to apartment building and high-rise commercial building.



TD6-130 steel bar truss deck is with 130mm height and 160mm concrete, and it’s mainly applied to school building and residential building.


TD7-220 steel rebar truss floor deck is with the height of 220mm and 250mm concrete, and it’s widely applied to orchard port.


Composite steel deck is an everyday object and usually used for floor and roof systems of steel structure and concrete building. And it has the advantages of excellent bending and compression capability.


688mm composite steel decking is a profiled product, and it’s applied to roof and floor to bear load. We have many types of composite steel floor deck that depends on its width of your requirement.


720mm composite steel deck is with great load bearing capability that applied to roof and floor of building construction. The types depend on the width of your requirement.


750mm composite steel decking is mainly used for the constructions of roof and floor that with good bending and compression performance, and also with anti corrosion and environmental protection.


760mm composite steel deck has the advantage of good mechanical property that can benefit to the application of roof and floor construction, the types are up to the width of your requirement.