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Fabricated steel bar truss deck TD7-220

Fabricated steel bar truss deck td7-220

Fabricated steel bar truss deck is the integrated fabricated form work for which steel bar is to be processed into steel bar truss and then the steel bar truss is to be welded with galvanized profiled sheet. In the construction stage, floor slab construction efficiency can be greatly improved. TD7-220 is one of the types of Deck.


Reasonal force mode can be applied in long-span structure, so that to avoid wasting raw materials.

The deck has been prefabricated and divided in factory in advance, which could decrease a lot workload and labour cost.

Galvanized deck make it need no maintenance cost on fireproof and antiseptic.

Easy installation

Decrease lot workload and allows simultaneous multi-layer installation.

Reasonal force mode can save time by decreasing the temporary support during contruction period.

Prebricated model can shorter construction period.


Safe & Reliable

Reasonal force mode allows good crack resistance.

Good fire-resistance is superior than composite floor decking.

Steel-degree is high enough to be aseismatic.

Stud welding make the product quality assured. epticantis  epticantis eptic epticantiseptic epticantiseptic epticantisep epticantiseptictic


Reasonal design make it bearing weight more well-distributed, height of truss supplies enough space to make the installation more convenient.

This kind of floor decking which has mature technology, has been applied in many developt countries for many years.


Production Line

 Truss shaped

Raw materials: Rebars

Specification: HRB400 / HRB335 / HPB235 / CRB550

Diameter of rebar should refer to specification chart



Corrugated Deck

Raw materials: Galvanized steel deck

Thickness: 0.4mm–0.5mm



Finished Product

Raw materials: Galvanized deck & Rebar truss

Width: 576mm

Welding galvanized deck and rebar truss together

Application Case

Application of TD7-220 for Orchard Port

Total Quantity: 50000 Square meters

Case details:

It is a gallery of steel structure, length of deck are same, deck had been cutted according the detailed length requriement already in the factory. Thus it could speed both productivity and intallation.

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Thickness of concrete you'd like to pour.

100mm — 300mm

Distance between beam to beam.

1.8 meters — 5.6 meters

Which kind of construction you will use it to?

Steel structures, concrete construction, villa, station, multi-layer buildings and so on.

Quantity you want?

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Destination port.

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