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Aluminum magnesium manganese plate common problems

An accordion conten1, aluminum magnesium manganese plate material which several?

        A: There are AA3003, AA3004, AA3005.

        2, aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate which features?

        A: The tensile strength of 265MPa is 2.5 times the strength of ordinary aluminum, corrosion resistance is 3 times that of ordinary aluminum, stainless steel, 2 times lower noise reduction shock can withstand greater impact load, excellent electromagnetic shielding properties of the human brain Not hurt, is the ideal environmentally friendly materials, do not release harmful toxins,

        3, magnesium-manganese plate coated with those?

        A: According to different needs can be divided into fluorocarbon (PVDF), polyester (Polyestet) polyurethane, polyamide, modified silicone, epoxy resin, is currently used in polyester and fluorocarbon two.

        4, aluminum magnesium alloy plate is aluminum plate it?

        A: Yes!

        5, vertical locking aluminum-magnesium board What are the characteristics, what are the advantages?

        A: no need to penetrate the roof, no lap, the appropriate slope can be as low as 1.5 degrees, a variety of materials and surface treatment to choose from, completely without maintenance, aluminum magnesium manganese sheet metal roof panel can be bent or made fan Board, the system’s waterproof performance, good ventilation, without the use of sealant, hidden fixed.

        6, magnesium-manganese plate is generally thick?

        A: magnesium-manganese plate is generally 0.8 thick to 1.2 thick, other thickness to be customized.

        7, Al-Mg-Mn roofing panels and the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum-plastic plate roof contrast?

        A: The quality of aluminum-plastic panel roof is easy to process, windproof performance, impact resistance, super weather resistance, but the waterproof effect is not ideal. Aluminum-magnesium-manganese board in addition to the various advantages of aluminum-plastic plate, the waterproof performance is excellent, is a very cost-effective roof, wall materials. Al-Mg-Mn plate features: light weight, aluminum density of 2.75g / m3, only the steel 1/3, high strength,

        8, aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate surface coated house is mainly used to prevent corrosion do?

        A: In general, in addition to anti-corrosion aging, there are beautiful (color), to prevent light pollution function, there are non-coated nature of the embossed plate, the original color hammer, specifically or according to design requirements for the choice of magnesium manganese board.

        9, aluminum magnesium manganese parts manufacturers must use the matching it?

        A: This is not necessarily, according to the design may be, it is best to use aluminum stent (with insulation pad).

        10, Al-Mg-Mn roofing board Why do some do not need to support fixed?

        A: The aluminum magnesium manganese plate surface support system is not using aluminum alloy bearings, but the use of stainless steel fasteners, but also play a fixed role in support of the building roof are basically aluminum magnesium manganese plate accounted for support system, the choice of aluminum alloy The bracket makes the system more stable and reliable.t area

Frequently Asked Questions about Floor Boards

What is floor board?

What is floor board?

 A: The floor board is used in multi-storey building instead of the original template to use.

 2, What is the material for floor boards?

        A: The floor of the plate material is also refers to the amount of zinc content and yield strength, common floor boards are Q235 and Q345.

        3, how much is the market is commonly used for floor board?

        A: There are generally three kinds of width, respectively, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, other width to be completed after the sub-section, the cost of natural to your point.

        4, What is the advantages of the floor boards compared to civil construction?

        A: The floor boards and civil construction compared to the main advantages of the construction of fast, provincial working hours, the province of concrete, the effect is good, no maintenance, it is directly used as a permanent template, and durable. (Because floor boards can be multi-storey construction) anti-inflammatory properties of strong, seismic performance and can be changed back to re-use.

        5, what is the main features of floor boards ?

        A: Light weight, high strength, bearing capacity, good earthquake resistance, simple and quick construction, easy assembly, to replace the traditional template to improve the traditional template shortcomings, can be used as part of the structural strength, reduce material costs, easy reinforcement, wiring, piping Construction, the appearance of clean and beautiful.

        6, Do the floor boards must have a bar ?

        A: The need for reinforcement, but the amount of small amount of the problem, you can consider the steel truss building board, relatively easy, and you can design the span of the non-supporting plate across, reduce or not the basic temporary support.

        7, what is the type for floor boards ?

        A: floor boards are divided into two kinds of openings and closed.

        8, The models of floor boards.

        A: The common floor boards Q235 and Q345.

        9, what is the floor of the wave plate? What is the floor of the board from the wave?

        A: Basic parameters of YX73-140-760 floor bearing plate Height: 73mm Wave pitch: 140mm Effective width: 760mm Deployment width: 1000mm (thickness specifications: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm)

        10,what is the thickness of the floor for the board?

        A: Conventional thickness is 0.8mm-1.2mm.

        11, how many studs for each square floor plate bearing ?

        A: This is related to your sub-beam spacing, normal, then 2.5 per square meter

        12, what is it means 3w structural floor board

        A: The number of concave and convex pressure plate, usually 2W (two convex surface), 3W (three convex surface) two types.

        13, how much steel do floor boards need, how to prove it

        A: This should be based on the size of the floor span, thickness, concrete strength levels, on-board load to determine.

        14,what is the maximum spacing of floor boards used. what is the thick of floor boards.

        A: The problem added: the main beam span of 7.9 meters, deputy beam spacing of 2 meters 1: to adapt to the rapid construction of the main steel structure 3: pressure plate surface embossed to the floor between the board and concrete to produce the greatest binding force, so that the two To form a whole

Frequently Asked Questions about Reinforcing Bar Truss

What is the means of the combination of steel specifications code? How to understand?

 A: For example, the steel truss string steel, rib steel, the last string of steel were 8mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, steel truss height (h) of 80mm, the bottom mold with V-plate steel truss floor board model: TDV1-80 a combination of representatives of a steel combination ratio.

  2, what is the difference of prices between steel truss-floor boards and ordinary floor?

 A: The simple floor board comparison, reinforced truss floor board for about 50-100 per square meter, ordinary floor board price per square meter 30-60 or so. However, the overall comparison, the steel truss floor bearing plate, each square meter board has three sets of tripod-type steel has been welded in the top, 1. than the ordinary floor board to save the steel. 2. Eliminates the need to bandage the link, saving 60% of the labor costs. Therefore, compared to speaking, reinforced truss floor bearing plate relative to the general floor for the board, the overall cost savings of about 30%, or have a very high cost.

3. What are the advantages of steel truss Building Board?

A: [strong concrete grip]: steel bearing plate and the very excellent grip between the concrete to avoid slippage with the phenomenon of concrete;
               [Superior combination of floor section]: closed-plate centroid is very close to the bottom of the plate, more strong positive moment resistance moment;
               【Excellent fire performance】: Closed-floor floor plate closed rib-shaped special design, better fire resistance;
               【Superior suspension system】: to move, remove, or re-install;
               【Construction is simple and rapid】: does not require any plug, will not produce slurry leakage phenomenon, shorten the construction period;
               【Flat bottom appearance】: You can not need to be in the bottom of the plate ceiling; nice
4, steel truss under the floor boards need to add scaffolding support it?

         A: No.

5.Does the steel truss building boards has a unified quality standards?

         A: There are quality standards. Reinforcement: steel reinforced truss used to produce, up and down string, uniform requirements for hot-rolled HRB400 steel. Abdominal string with hot-rolled HRB235 steel or cold-rolled steel round 500 rebar.

6.How to connect steel truss Building plate and steel column?

  A: The floor boards and studs are stud welding

Frequently Asked Questions about Color Steel Veneer

1, what is the color plate?

  A: color plate, refers to the color coated steel, color coated steel plate is a kind of organic coating. Color plate is divided into veneer, Caigang composite board, floor boards and so on. Widely used in large public buildings, public buildings, activities of the board room, and integrated housing walls and roofing

         2, What kind of color veneer board?

         A: There are generally 373, 470, 750, 780, 820, 840, 860, 875, 900 and so on.

         3,what is the thickness of the color plate?

         A: Generally 0.2mm-0.8mm,

         4 color of the color plate.

         A: The ordinary color of the color plate is white and sea blue, crimson, and other special colors to do processing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Color Steel Sandwich

What is the composition of color steel sandwhich?

  Color steel sandwich panel consists of three parts: the upper and lower two forming steel plate, the middle of the core board (with rock wool, polystyrene, polyurethane) thickness of 50mm / 75mm / 100mm, both sides of the strip. Mainly used for activities of the wall panels and roof panels, and various large-scale plant. Color pressure plate is sandwich plate component, namely the upper and lower two forming steel plate. Generally used for activities room, site Weidang, warehouse panel. Engineering wall with 950 rockwool wall sandwich panel composite, roof with 960 rock wool roof sandwich panel composite panel color steel sandwich panel

2.How many classification does color steel sandwich panels have?

   A: a variety of more than ten. Sandwich panels, glass sandwich panels, glass sandwich panels, rock wool sandwich panels, aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels, polyurethane sandwich panels, paper honeycomb sandwich panels, foam sandwich panels, glass magnesium sandwich panels, Glass magnesium aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels, glass magnesium foam sandwich panels, glass magnesium polyurethane sandwich panels, and other core materials can be customized.

3,what is the thickness of the color steel sandwich plate?

  A: The plate is generally 0.2mm-0.6mm, according to different requirements.

4. the advantages of color steel sandwich panel.

 A: The color steel sandwich panel is widely used in the field of mobile houses, because of its advantages of easy installation, light weight, high efficiency, convenient transportation and short construction period.