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Wind proof dust suppression shield — width 840mm

Wind proof dust suppression shield

The wind proof dust suppression shield will be constructed by metal material after mechanical combination punching mold, pressing, plastic spraying. It is processed in certain geometric shape open hole ration and different hole shape combined windproof shield wall, make circulation of air through the wall from the outside and interference of air flow inside of shield wall to achieve weak wind inside when big wind on outer side of wall presents dust float in the sky. It has some advantages such as:

  • High strength
  • Good toughness
  • Bending resistance
  • Anti-aging
  • Flame retardant
  • Temperature resistant
  • Acid and Alkali resistance

The mechanism of prevention is that it can control and improve the airflow field, which reduce the wind speed and turbulence intensity in the yard. As strong winds going through the net only small portion of winds reserved and the kinetic energy decreased into low speed flow. Meanwhile, winds that pass through will change from large scale and high strength vortex to small and weak swirling strength. The remaining low speed and weak turbulence intensity winds that across the yard tend to form low wind speed gradient, low wind speed curl, weak vortices and weak turbulence flow field which reduce dust quantity in lower yard dramatically.


Easy installation & Low maintainance cost

Once invested, it will be long-term benefit, nearly need no maintainance any more. It has advantages of fireproof, security and so on.



Nice shape

Wind and dust suppression net could be processed into different colors, the effect is better.


Improve the environment

It can not only improve the environment of polluted region, but also acheived good social benefits by save thousands of tons raw materials.

Wind proof dust suppression shield is kind of advanced technique that is widely used in coal, cement and other enterprises’ stock yard to improve dust pollution.

Where will you apply it to?

Could be applied to kinds of stock ground

Thickness of the panel you want


Which color you want?

Color could be customized, should refer to RAL

Quantity you want?

Meter or square meter

Where is the destination port

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